TraderLinkUp was built to serve a stock market trading community. We work with our global network of members and member companies to build and operate with a community of traders in order to deliver a valuable education, knowledge, and overall support. Additionally, TraderLinkp provides financial benefits in trading commission and resources.

TraderLinkUp is here to bridge the gap in the market where we noticed that traders needed to find a community; a place where they can gain knowledge, education, and camaraderie. In the past, traders have gone through an education process where once the classes ended, there was a lack in continuation of the education and continued gain of knowledge. Alternatively, in other cases, the knowledge was received but traders were not able to apply their learnings in a real-life environment during the education process. In the situation where traders have been equipped with all the necessary tools, they were not able to find a trusting place where they can open up a trading account a company they can trust, and how they can save on valuable commission fees.

TraderLinkUp has recognized these challenges and has created a community where education, community support, mentorship, and low trading commission allow the trader an unprecedented advantage in trading for profits. We provide members with an extensive solution designed to support and enhance their knowledge, consulting, mentoring, and an advantage to our vendor and service relationships.

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